Musings: College Football Playoff favorites go about six deep

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College football never disappoints. Even when the NFL is struggling, college football keeps delivering the thrills, and the events of Week 8 are definitely going to affect college football predictions, especially when it comes to the playoff landscape.

Ohio State lost its first game Saturday night, a loss that was made worse by the fact that they were No. 2 at the time. Buckeyes fans were probably not exactly surprised to learn that they had fallen to sixth when the newest AP rankings finally came out, though they were certainly hoping for a better fate.

Of course, Ohio State is hardly in a crisis right now; however, they have every reason to worry. The Buckeyes haven’t exactly been that impressive in the last few weeks. They cannot afford to lose to Michigan next month, though the fact that the game is at home bodes very well for them.

No one can afford to be too harsh on Ohio State, though. After the top six sides in the country, there is a definite gulf when looking at the rest of the teams in the poll. Just look at No.7 Nebraska, which could pass for the Iowa team from 2015. They are still hanging onto their victory over Indiana as the most notable feat they have garnered in quite a while.

Nebraska definitely doesn’t cut it when compared to the top six, and that is especially depressing considering the weaknesses manifesting in the top six.

Clemson, on the other hand, can hardly boast about its victory over N.C. State. Admittedly, the rest of the teams (Michigan, Alabama, Louisville) have delivered very impressive performances and have only continued to stand out even more starkly when compared with their rivals.

The chance of any other team actually raising a decent challenge against any of these three teams is ridiculous at the moment. Perhaps No.8 Baylor and No.10 West Virginia might surprise everyone, as two undefeated Big 12 teams. Both teams have had great seasons and their mettle will be tested when they face each other on Dec. 3. What if a Big 12 school actually makes it to the College Football Playoff?

That would make for very entertaining viewing. It isn’t possible, though, looking at the betting odds – everyone has more or less dismissed the idea. If anything, the Big 12 needs Washington to make a mistake and take a tumble.

It is worth noting the way opinions have varied when it comes to the SEC. The year began with everyone calling the SEC overrated, but now it seems like that opinion has reversed and the SEC might be underrated.

Whatever the final consensus on that issue might be, the SEC has definitely surprised people with the depth it has, with six teams ranked among the top 20. It is still difficult to take a position right now, even an extreme one.

What is certain is this: college football is far from boring and the NFL should probably borrow a leaf.