Musings: Rams must set aside woes, look ahead to London

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The Los Angeles Rams lost to the Detroit Lions 31-28 on Sunday; so naturally they were a little sullen about the whole issue, though they had little time to dwell on the matter because they soon had to endure a seven-hour flight to London. Anyone looking at the NFL odds will probably factor those two events into their decisions.

The Rams might be tempted to dwell on their loss, and one would be hard pressed to blame them for it; but they cannot afford to remain in the past, not with everything that the future holds.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher had his work cut out for him as he tried to emphasize the importance of his team achieving a quick emotional turnaround. The Rams won the first three of their four games.

However, that winning high didn’t last because they have lost their two previous games, and that doesn’t bode well for their fans. The Rams have a game on Sunday with the Gaits at Twickenham Stadium in London, so it was necessary to use their Wednesday practice session to regroup, nurture the right mindset and make the necessary preparations for the Sunday game.

T.J McDonald said he was happy to be back on the grass again and to get into the rhythm of things. Maybe it was good for the Rams that they couldn’t return to Los Angeles straight away and, instead, immediately flew to London; they had more than enough time to rest and acclimate to the time change.

Fisher gave his boys Monday and Tuesday off, this while he reworked their practice schedule; a select few players attended a community event in Guildford on Tuesday. Others took a tour of the local area.

The change in pace is good for the Rams; going to London seems to have been so drastic a change that most players look like they recovered from their loss and are now driven by the prospect of playing in front of a foreign crowd.

If Fisher has his way, the loss of the previous Sunday will be completely forgotten when the Rams face the Giants. Speaking of which, Fisher will have his boys pay close attention to the Giants’ offense, which has been very notable this season and could wreak havoc on the Rams.

The Rams’ defense allowed them to start the season strong; but they have struggled in recent weeks, allowing a number of points past and squandering leads. For Linebacker Alec Ogletree, the Rams’ weakness lies in their inability to finish games well.

For this reason, they have struggled in the last few games; and the explanation makes sense when you realize that the Rams have been losing by four or five points in some of their games.

It will take ten hours for the Rams to fly back home. So they cannot afford to lose on Sunday because they will have ten hours on the plane during which to ruminate in their sadness and misery.

If they can shake off the excitement of playing in London and the fear of continuing their losing streak, they just might beat the Giants.