NFL Picks (Week 5)

In one of only two division match-ups for Week 5 in the NFL, the LA Rams host Seattle in an effort to prove they belong. We believe they do, but will it be enough for us to pick them to win this week?

By Greg DePalma, PSN Executive Producer

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NFL Picks (Week 5)

2017 Balance = -270

Top Picks (14-19-3)

TNF…New England-5 over Tampa Bay

1pm…NY Giants-3 over LA Chargers

1pm…NY Jets-PK over Cleveland

1pm…Indianapolis-1 over San Francisco

1pm…Philadelphia-6 over Arizona

1pm…Carolina+3 over Detroit

4:05pm…LA Rams-1 over Seattle

4:25pm…Green Bay+3 over Dallas

8:30pm…Houston-PK over Kansas City

Top Dogs (3 for 7; 4-3-0)

1pm…Jacksonville+8 (+300) over Pittsburgh

NOTE: All top dog selections receive at least 3-point spreads. These are for straight-out money line wagers. We will also count the top dog point spread as part of our picks, but not our totals.

Weekly totals

10/1 = +50

9/24 = +280

9/17 = -400

9/10 = -200

Balance = -270


Top Picks (6-5-0)

9:30am…New Orleans-3 over Miami
1pm…Detroit+3 over Minnesota
1pm…Houston+3 over Tennessee
1pm…Dallas-6 over LA Rams
1pm…Cincinnati-3 over Cleveland
1pm…Atlanta-8 over Buffalo
1pm…New England-9 over Carolina
4:05pm…NY Giants+3 over Tampa Bay
4:05pm…Philadelphia+3 over LA Chargers
4:25pm…Oakland+3 over Denver
MNF…Washington+7 over Kansas City

Top Dogs (1 for 3; 2-1-0)

1pm…Baltimore+3 (+150) over Pittsburgh
1pm…NY Jets+4 (+150) over Jacksonville
4:05pm…San Francisco+7 (+260) over Arizona

Week 4

Top picks = +100

Top dogs = -50

Total = +50