OFN NFL Preview: Wild card weekend

January 5, 2018

. Greg DePalma and co-host Tony Mejia take an in-depth look at the four playoff games that make up the NFL’s wild card weekend, with divided opinions on the brewing showdown between NFC South rivals New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers. They also review the latest Super Bowl odds and offer a bonus look at the College Football Playoff finale.  


OFN NFL Preview: Week 17 podcast

December 29, 2017

. Greg DePalma and co-host Tony Mejia take a hard look at the games that matter in the final week of the NFL’s regular season, including a division title still up for grabs between the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers. Three other playoff spots also have to be settled before the postseason picture is completed.  


OFN NFL Preview: Week 13 podcast

November 30, 2017

. Greg DePalma and co-host Tony Mejia find themselves divided on whether the New York Giants made a prudent move in benching QB Eli Manning for Geno Smith. The Sunday slate, meantime, features a big NFC South clash between co-leaders New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers, while the Philadelphia Eagles face a tough test at the Seattle Seahawks.  


Jets Uncovered: Week 12 podcast

November 27, 2017

Greg DePalma and PSN contributor Jan Levine dissect the New York Jets‘ latest second-half collapse, laying a list of grievances at coach Todd Bowles‘ feet – including his reaction to wideout Robby Anderson lobbying for Pro Bowl votes midgame before the Carolina Panthers come back to win.  Foremost among the complaints: A lack of toughness complicated by a lack of accountability.  


OFN Fantasy Football: Week 12 podcast

November 26, 2017

Greg DePalma and Jamal Murphy, chief fantasy analyst for Ourlads.com, are joined by fantasy expert Dan Weinreich to discuss fallout from the Thanksgiving slate, especially the Dallas Cowboys‘ continuing slide. Player debates include whether the L.A. Rams will look more to Sammy Watkins (12) or Cooper Kupp with Robert Woods sidelined, as well as Greg Olsen‘s return for the Carolina Panthers.